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International Journal of Recent Research In Physics and Chemical Sciences

Scope and Objective:
International Journal of Recent Research In Physics and Chemical Sciences (IJRRPCS) is scholarly open access peer reviewed International Journal. The aim of Physics and Chemical Sciences journal is to provide forum for widest dissemination of scientific researches of authors to each and every corner of the world. All researchers, professors, academicians, students are invited to submit their original contribution. Article includes Novel Research Paper, Exceptionally high quality reviews, Short note, letter to the editor are welcomed by editorial board members. Article submitted to journal should not be submitted to any other journals or should not be under consideration for publication to other Journal. It takes around five to ten days for article for complete review process. Author can track real time status of their paper on website by using tracking system.

Paper Submission:
Sumit your paper at submit.pp@gmail.com or by using form submission

Executive Editor: Prof. Dr. Ahmed Elfalaky Elsaid Abdel-Rahiem, Professor, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Zagazig University Egypt.

Contact us: editor@paperpublications.org

Publication Frequency:
Time required for publication of article is around five to ten days after successful submission of article along with copyright form. After getting acceptance from editor article published on same day. Issue finalized on half yearly basis.

Topic Covered
It includes Acid-Base Reaction Theories; Acoustics; Alchemy Analytical Chemistry; Analytical Chemistry; Applied Physics; Astrochemistry; Astrophysics; Atomic And Molecular Collision Process; Atomic Physics; Atomic Spectra; Atoms And Molecule; Biochemistry; Biomaterials; Bio-Organic Chemistry; Biophysical Chemistry; Biopolymers; Black Hole Thermodynamics; Carbon; Centre Of Mass; Ceramics; Chemical Kinetics; Classical Areas Of Phenomenology; Classical Mechanics; Classical Physics; Composite Materials; Computational Physics; Condensed Matter Physics; Condensed Matter Spectroscopy; Conservation Of Energy; Continuum Mechanics; Contributors To General Relativity; Cosmology; Crystallography; Dark Energy; Dark Matter; Dielectric Properties Of Material; Dynamics; Earth Science; Einstein Hilbert Action; Elasticity; Electricity And Magnetism; Electrochemistry; Electromagnetism; Electron States; Environmental Chemistry; Equations Of State; Experimental Physics; Field Theory; Fields And Charged Particles; Fluid Dynamics; Fluid Mechanics; Fluids; Plasmas And Electric Discharges; Food Chemistry; Functionally Graded Materials; Galactic Astronomy; General Laboratory Techniques; General Relativity; General Theory Of Fields And Particles; Geochemistry; Geology; Geophysics; Glass; Gravitational Physics Green Chemistry; Ground Water Geophysics; Heat Flow; Impact Phenomena; Inorganic And Co-Ordination Chemistry; Inorganic Chemistry; Instrumentation Systems; Instruments And Techniques; Introduction To Mathematics Of General Relativity; Liquid And Solid Helium; Lorentz Transformations; Magnetic Properties Of Materials; Magnetic Resonances; Materials Science; Measurement Science; Mechanics; Mechanics And Fields; Metals; Micromeritics; Modern Physics; Molecular Modelling; Molecular Physics; Molecular Spectra; Nanomaterials; Nanotechnology And Nano-Toxicology; Nuclear Chemistry; Nuclear Engineering; Nuclear Physics; Nuclear Reactions And Scattering; Optics; Organic Chemistry; Particle Physics; Particle Systematics; Phase Equilibria; Phase Transitions; Phenomenology; Photochemistry; Physical Chemistry; Physical Cosmology; Physical Properties Of Gases; Planetary; Geology; Planetary Science; Plasma; Plasma Physics; Polymer Science; Polymers; Properties Of Atoms And Molecules; Properties Of Condensed Matter; Properties Of Specific Particles; Quantum Chemistry; Quantum Electrochemistry; Quantum Electrodynamics; Quantum Field Theory; Quantum Gravity; Quantum Mechanics; Quantum Physics; Radioactivity And Electromagnetic Transitions; Radiochemistry; Refractory; Relativity And Gravitation; Relativity Priority Dispute; Rheology; Semiconductors; Solid Mechanics; Solid State Physics; Solid-State Chemistry; Special Relativity; Specific Instrumentation; Specific Reactions; Specific Theories; Spectroscopy; Standard Model; Statistical Mechanics; Statistical Physics; Stellar Astronomy; Stereochemistry; String Theory; Structure Of Liquids And Solids; Superconductivity; Supramolecular Chemistry; Surface Chemistry; Surface Science; Theoretical Chemistry; Theoretical Physics; Theory Of Fluids; Thermal And Thermodynamic Processes; Thermal Properties Of Condensed Matter; Thermo chemistry; Thermodynamics; Thin Films and many more.


Vol 5 Issue 2 October 2018-March 2019

Vol 5 Issue 1 April 2018-September 2018

Vol 4 Issue 2 October 2017-March 2018

Vol 4 Issue 1 April 2017-September 2017

Vol 3 Issue 2 October 2016-March 2017

Vol 3 Issue 1 April 2016-September 2016

Vol 2 Issue 2 October 2015-March 2016

Vol 2 Issue 1 April 2015-September 2015

Vol 1 Issue 2 October 2014-March 2015

Vol 1 Issue 1 April 2014-September 2014