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Major Steps for Paper Preparation

1. Authors are advised to complete their Scientific Research work before writing paper.

2. Usually paper begins with title, author names with affiliation, abstract and significant keywords.

3. Next Part is introductions which show idea of research, requirement of research, and problem statement.

4. After that body of paper begins in which complete research work done by author is written.

5. Lastly, conclusion, references, acknowledgement are major parts included in paper.

6. Paper Publications only accepts paper in ENGLISH language.

7. Font face is TIMES NEW ROMAN.

8. Paper should be written in third person.

9. It does not contain any kind of unlawful material and plagiarism.

10. Major font and paragraph specifications are given.

11. Number style used may be Number or Roman Numerals depends on author way of writing Paper.

12. Figures, Graph and Tables captions are flush centre and labels should be legible, 8 to 9 point.

13. Author can write paper in single or double column format accepted with the paper.

14. Line Spacing used inside the paper is 1.15.


Fonts: Times New Roman
Font Size Text Align
Abstract and Keywords 10 Bold Justify
Acknowledgement 9 Normal Justify
Author Affiliation 10 Normal Centre
Author’s Name 14 Normal Centre
Body Text, Equations 10 Normal Justify
Headings 11 Bold Centre
References 9 Normal Justify
Sub Headings 10 Bold  or/and Italic Left/Centre
Title of Paper 24 Bold Centre
Header 1.2 cm
Footer 1.2 cm
Line Spacing for Body Text Single
Top Margins of Paper 2 cm
Bottom Margins of Paper 1.6 cm
Left Margins of Paper 2.1 cm
Right Margins of Paper 1.6 cm